Sh*t’s getting real.

We are now officially less than 4 weeks to go.

We’ve got all our accommodation booked. We’ve got a mate moving in to keep an eye on our place. I’ve spoken to the bank and my mobile network. Got advice on writing a NZ-friendly CV, where to job-hunt and what to pack. I’ve even started hoarding cardboard boxes at work.

Next week we start the goodbyes to friends, with dinner and drinks in our new local.

It’s starting to feel pretty real!!

I think the reason it’s really starting to hit home now is that The Wedding Stuff is officially all done. When we got back from honeymoon I was pretty militant about giving the wedding its space; reliving it, revelling in it, not just rushing straight on to the next thing. And I’m quite proud that we did that pretty well! We’ve written thank you cards and watched and rewatched the speeches (I LOVE rewatching the speeches!). We’ve pored over more than 1,200 photos (!) and somehow managed to whittle them down to just over 80. We were supposed to pick 60, but we just couldn’t! So we paid Sam for a few extra pages!

My plan was to print off loads of the pictures that we didn’t pick for the album and make my own one – the other wedding album – AND make an album of honeymoon photos, but I just haven’t got round to it, and now I’m not sure I will before we go. But weirdly, once we finalised the wedding photos it just felt right to turn our attention more fully to all things NZ. (That being said, we went to our friends’ wedding in London last weekend and it was truly beautiful, and really made me relive bits of our own. Especially Call Me Al!)

The other thing that’s making it real is my half marathon training, or specifically, my fundraising page. I had my first couple of donations yesterday and suddenly it felt REALLY REAL! I was sat on our sofa when I got a notification email and thought to myself, oh shit… I’ve actually got to do this now!

Do my kidneys look big in this?

Training is going well though. I hit my target of 10K by the end of July, and even did 11K on Wednesday! My legs are still recovering from that one… why is it that it never hits you the day after, but the day after the day after!? I’m currently debating whether to gym tonight or to save my legs for Parkrun in the morning! I’ve done 2 PBs in 2 weeks and would love to make it 3 in a row. I have been well and truly bitten by the bug!…

10K 1
A beautiful 10K over Cardiff Bay Barrage – I’d be faster if I stopped taking photos!

I’m wondering how I’ll find training once we’re out there, especially getting the longer distances in. I’m so excited for a run with Rob in Melbourne – maybe when we’re in St Kilda and can run up the promenade, or even when we’re on the Great Ocean Road!! It’s always hard when you know you need to do a specific distance, but don’t 100% know the area that well. I know lots of people love running as a way to see a new place, but I just worry I’ll get lost! That said, at least two of the places we’re staying are by the sea (Houghton Bay and Lyall Bay) so if I’m really struggling to work out a route my plan is to just run XX miles up the coast, turn around and run back again.

I wonder if I’ll feel emotional on the day. I’ve got previous – you should have seen me at the start of the Great North Run… Mum’s only just twigged she won’t see me on my birthday; I won’t see her on hers, either. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so glad we’re only going for 4 months. We’ll miss things, of course we’ll miss things – but we also won’t be gone that long.

Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be working out how to carry this stack of boxes home from work…



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