Making plans.

I think this summer’s going to run away with us.

We had a truly glorious weekend; friends, sunshine, ice cream, brunch, the best brownies I have ever made (true story). Pavement cafes and even a treasure hunt thrown in for good measure. Half of me says, “More of this, please!” and the other half wants to slow down a bit, as it’ll be September before we know it.

We’re making plans. I’ve been researching Melbourne; our first stop. We’re there for a week before we fly on to Welly and from what I can see so far, we are going to love it. We’re thinking splitting it across a couple of bases – coffee-crawling our way around the CBD then moving out to St Kilda, via a bike ride, some penguins, and a trip along the Great Ocean Road (yep, I’m still pinching myself). Great Ocean Road… just sounds like freedom, doesn’t it?! (If anyone has Melbourne tips, I wanna hear them!)

We’re making inroads with our accommodation too. A guy at Rob’s placement has a granny-flat he rents out (mostly to “visiting academics” – don’t think we’re quite his target audience, but it looks cute!). It’s light and has a front deck and I kid you not, is painted bright blue with pink window frames. I’m kind of in love – but at this point we’re not sure it has a kitchen. Priorities?…

Tomorrow evening we crack on with Operation Stop Putting Off Your Visa Application. It’s been hard to get the balance between enjoying the post-wedding bubble, and making plans for this next chapter. It’s important to give things their space, you know? But we realised that once the applications are in… we can kind of forget about it for a bit. So tomorrow is when we sit down and Just Do It.

People have been asking me what I’m going to do when I’m out there – and I’m starting to make inroads there too. Well – less inroads, more baby steps… but it counts, right!? Our friend Jo, who we stayed with last time we were in Welly, said it’ll be easier for me to try and get work once I’m out there. Which the STA Travel  lady said too (she also tried to get us to book flights with Scoot Airlines… I’m not sure we were quite her target audience either! I’ve definitely changed now that I’m a nearly-30-year-old married woman and not a desperate-to-escape 25-year-old backpacker…). I’m hoping that taking a typically Kiwi approach to it pays off. In my head, I’m going to stumble across the most perfect neighbourhood cafe, they’ll love me and give me a few shifts, in exchange for a sunny window table and steady-stream of perfect flat whites on my writing days. Don’t worry – I realise I’m probably daydreaming… but it’s a nice daydream!

Talking of my writing days. I’m doing it, this time, guys. I’ve got a feature going live next week on A Life Loved, the sister site of Love My Dress. It was… well. If you asked me how it was to write, all I’ll tell you is, the title is, “How to Plan a Wedding When Someone Is Seriously Ill”. But I’m really pleased with it overall, and when they sent me the preview seeing my words on the site gave me goosebumps. I’m really really hoping I might be able to send them some New Zealand posts too… Worth a try, right? If you don’t ask, you don’t get? My New Year’s Resolution was that you get out what you put in. So I’m putting it in. (I even saved a link called “How To Open An Etsy Shop” earlier… but that’s another story!).

So. Balls are rolling. Plans are afoot. This has already been a big year, but it’s about to get bigger.


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